‘Mirrors on the Wall’ – a Photographed Novel

Look into each one’s life as a mirror and see a different reflection of yourself…

Shewa is a pretty girl from a poor background, finding her way through the university pretty easily until love happens and things start to get complicated…

Aminu is a playboy from a rich background, bent on setting his mark on his city until he’s hit with a bitter truth and then he begins to see what matters the most…

Lumi is a smart guy from a middle class background, with high hopes of true love and justice in the world until love breaks his heart and then his faith is questioned…

Chi-Chi, Chike, Tega, Halima & Lizzy all have mirrors on this wall too and looking into each of them, you get to see a different reflection of yourself.

They all collide with each other’s lives, creating unforgettable romantic and dramatic scenarios.

Written by: Olu Balogun.

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Aminu and Chi-Chi have been an inseparable couple since they were in high school. They are both new to the University, where they end up making friends with Lumi and Shewa. They all become close and then decide to throw a school party, on their way to discovering what they want from life. The group friendship and ambition gets tested when Shewa and Aminu secretly begin to get attracted to each other…


Chi-Chi’s cousin, Chike, got deported from the United States before finishing his education, for criminal offences, and returns to Nigeria. He puts in an effort to make new friends and to start afresh. That’s when he meets Lizzy; one of Aminu’s ex-side chicks, who has now reinvented herself as a ‘queen of chaos’, refusing to have her heart broken by any guy again.


Lumi’s quest for romance continues as he begins to search for Sade; a beautiful girl he had a one-night fling with at a school beach party. His search leads him to Halima; Sade’s childhood friend who’s now entangled with a charming and unrepentant, professional fraudster; Tega. Lumi suddenly and unknowingly finds himself at the center of a criminal conspiracy and only love can save him…


A Photo Novel is more entertaining than a regular Novel because you actually get to SEE what is going on in the story, with Actors playing the Characters.