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Starring: Adunni Ade, Peter Karol, Kela Egbo, Antonio Emmanuel & Korede Ajasa.

Iyke is a man in his early thirties. He owns a very successful investment company. He has beautiful girlfriend, who he is thinking about settling down with. His life seems to be perfect but like everyone, he has a past.

Ayo, a man in his early thirties, is a professional fraudster. He is used to the expensive and flashy life on the fast lane but lately he has realized he wants something more. This is the same time his sins catch up with him. He murdered someone in the near past and the only person who knows he did it is about to sell him out if he does not pay a large sum of money.

Ayo finds himself needing the help of his retired partner in crime, Iyke to pull off one more major heist. He is determined to twist the truth, as he always does in his line of business, to get things done. Deception and unfortunate coincidence complicate things, dragging up the past from its grave and leaving them in a place where they have to decide between the bitterness of the truth and the bliss of ignorance.